Call for entries on “Policing Pandemia – Lessons Learned?”

Polizei.Wissen“ is a journal dealing with topics that are relevant for police education and training. Its central idea is to

  1. present a collection of very short articles (not more than 10.000 characters)
  2. on a large variant of perspectives on a given topic.

The special issue “Policing Pandemia – Lessons Learned?” will be in English and German and will look at the experiences collected by police and with the police during the Covid19-Pandemic.

During the pandemic police gets into the focus of interest on several levels: first of all: policing itself changes dramatically and the criminal topography changes as the crisis goes on. Secondly police as an organisation has to undergo changes and thirdly the state as such undergoes a metamorphosis that touches the police as a front line organisation.

1.) Police officers regard themselves as those people who are “out there on the streets” creating order where otherwise there would be chaos. Their special strength lies – according to these police officers – in their ability to “sense” crime and to communicate with different strata of society. How are these abilities – and the professional self-reflection – affected by the corona-crisis? What kind of special police “sense” has developed during the crisis and how does police “know” even without expertise how to handle situations?

What has police learned about: sensing crime, communication with the public, the topography of the criminal landscape, its own role in society, the use of language / metaphors etc.?

2.) The most interesting aspect of a police knowledge management is the integration of machines into the process of collecting data, learning from them a communicating the results. During the corona-crisis machines have become more important. Drones and robots have been used as means of communication. The pandemia hat police management under stress integrating new knowledge-management items into the decision making.

What has police learned about: the use of machines (drones, robots etc.), its own preparedness for pandemic situations, the communication within a first responders‘ network etc.?

3.) The crisis challenges the state to restrict some of its features (e.g. individual freedom) and to emphasize others (e.g. its ability to maintain itself). Its language is the law and this language is changing in the course of the pandemia. The state is being attacked by self proclaimed „corona-sceptics“ who also seem to take charge at public institutions. The police gets between the lines and this might cause some trouble within the police forces and the individual police officers.

What has police learned about: policing politically agitated crowds, its role within the structures of the states, the intepretation of official data (laws, decrees, orders) etc.?

The Journal wants to bring together different sets of experience that have been acquired during the first wave of the Covid19 pandemic. These experiences might have been gathered either on the job or in a police acadamy / training or as a result of scientific research.

The aim of this special issue is to get a broader picture of how the pandemic has effected polices in Europe and what lessons might be learned for a policing of pandemic situations on a European level.

Please hand in your proposal for an entry by the end of May 2021 to

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Nach der Schule in Münster und einem Austauschjahr in Italien studierte ich ab 1991 erst Jura, dann Politikwissenschaften, Soziologie und vergleichende Religionswissenschaften in Münster und Bonn. Als Erasmus-Student verbrachte ich 1995 ein Trimester am Trinity-College in Oxford. Zwischen 1994 und 2000 arbeitete ich - zuletzt als wissenschaftlicher Angestellter - für die Max-Weber-Gesamtausgabe im Teilprojekt "Rechtssoziologie". Die Promotion bei Friedrich Fürstenberg über Gewaltdiskurse deutscher und französischer Intellektueller schloss ich 2002 ab. Studienbegleitend absolvierte ich Praktika bei einer politischen Stiftung in Kairo und Tel Aviv, EU- und EU-nahen Institutionen in London, Brüssel und Luxemburg sowie bei einem Schulbuchverlag in Hannover. Zwischen 1998 und 2010 war ich Lehrbeauftragter an den Universitäten Bonn und Potsdam und an der HWR Berlin und zwischen 2003 und 2009 Referent für “Verfassungsschutz durch Aufklärung“ im Brandenburger Innenministerium. Seit 2010 bin ich Professor für Politikwissenschaften und Soziologie an der Hochschule für Polizei und öffentliche Verwaltung (HSPV) NRW in Bielefeld.

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